1 1.5 hour space rental of our 900 square foot, sunlit, air conditioned main playspace.
2 45 minutes of age-appropriate music and movement performed by one of our amazing singer/guitarists.
3 45 minutes for pizza, cake and socializing!
4 2 pizzas for adults/children.
5 Balloons to decorate space and for each child to take home.
6 2 early childhood professionals at your party.
7 Party planner leading up to your party.
8 Up to 13 children (12 mos – 6 years) including birthday child.


Colorful party hats, blowers, and napkins $15.00
Required extra staff #1 $200.00

Required extra staff charge for 15 – 17 expected children

Required extra staff #2 $100.00

Required extra staff charge for LESS than 15 children BUT more than 30 expected adults (regardless of number of children)

Take-home art “project” within sensory art choices $50.00

*The price plus cost of item

Extra large cheese pizza for adults $21.00
Kids at Work Goodie Bags for 13 children $90.00
Extra goodie bags $10.00

Price per a bag

Extra time for space rental $75.00

(for approved outside entertainment OR for parties where participants are UNDER 2) Price per 1/2 hour

Sharing your party with a friend $100.00

(no charge for siblings)

Rental of additional classroom and covered outdoor $300.00
Rental of additional classroom only $225.00

(during cold months)

Usage of rear terrace space for stroller check $75.00

for more than 8 strollers, more than 18 children, or more than 30 adults

40 minutes 'Jam Session’ $250.00

Jam Session’ of age-appropriate music with a Kids at Work trained singer/guitarist – All ages

40 minutes of Creation Station Dance $425.00

Ages 3 and up

40 minutes of animal exploration $450.00

presentation and hands-on animal exploration by The Art Farm in the City (includes rabbit, chinchilla, lizard, guinea pig, and other small animals) – Ages 3 and up ($10 per child for more than 15 children)

40 minutes Super Soccer Stars activity $200.00

for ages 12 mos – 3 years * Price $200-$400 depending on a number of children.

Cupcake or cookie decorating during cake time $200.00

Ages 3 and up

40 minutes Karma Kids Yoga Activity $250.00

(adult participatory for under 3 years) – Ages 12 mos – 6 years

More Packages

On-site “Basic” Birthday Party


Kids at Work is a loft-like, 1000 square foot space with a maximum capacity of around 25 children, plus around 2 grown-ups per child. Additional classroom/secure and private outdoo...

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  • $740.00

  • Includes up to 13 kids
  • $20.00 for each additional child
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 25 guests max
  • 1 year - 6 years old
  • $200.00 deposit required

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