1 Rental Blasters
2 Mask
3 Ammunition
4 SFS T-Shirt for Party VIP


Tactical Vests and Helmets $10.00 per guest

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Airsoft Party

Starts at $32.95 / Kid

Airsoft parties include rental airsoft gun, mask and unlimited ammo for every player. Includes: Airsoft gun • Mask and unlimited ammo for every player • SFS T-Shirt for V...

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Nerf Parties

Starts at $24.95 / Kid

Nerf parties include rental Nerf blasters, safety glasses and darts for every player. Includes: Nerf Blasters • Safety Glasses • Darts • SFS T-Shirt for Party VIP

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  • Gameplay

  • $32.95 / Kid

  • Gameplay + Food

  • $39.95 / Kid

  • 8 years and up

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